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The leading independent distributor of electronic components in Italy

With over 50,000 SKUs, the Electronics division is the largest independent distributor of electronic components in Italy. Thanks to solid alliances with the best manufacturers worldwide, Melchioni is able to meet customer requirements with a fast, effective, and flexible service, characterized by the highest level of collaboration.




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We collaborate with major world leaders of various industrial sectors. We provide state-of-the-art solutions and support you in an ever-evolving market.
Our support is a promise. We help our partners win their industrial challenges and obtain competitive advantages.


The automotive and transport industry takes on ever-demanding and ambitious challenges. The demand for in-car entertainment, advanced driving assistance and wireless connectivity is making automotive projects more efficient and safer.
We support the automotive market in every stage of the product lifecycle. We participate in the development of projects to achieve the best solutions in terms of reliability and quality.


The evolution of the lighting market has led to the development of state-of-the-art solutions to support the ever-evolving market requirements that involve various sectors.
Melchioni is committed to providing impeccable light to be the future star of the lighting world.


Technological solutions, utmost reliability and top-performance are the pillars that characterise the bond between Melchioni to the military and avionic industry.


We help build future smart cities.


Technological progress has added new applications, leading us towards unexplored markets.

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We are tomorrow’s present.


We use materials’ electronic properties to create something greater.


Saving energy to transform it


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Our capillary coverage of the Italian territory, the presence of sales engineers across Europe and our headquarters in Spain, France and Hong Kong allow us to be always by our customers’ side.

Field Application Engineers support the sales and marketing department, helping it achieve excellent results in terms of design-in of all custom products of the various represented brands.

The main warehouse is in Borghetto Lodigiano (Lodi). Here, logistic processes are optimised and customised based on specific requests.

Customer-satisfaction is our corporate mission, which is based on values and principles passed down by Armando and “Nonno Mario”. By anticipating market trends and foreseeing massive changes in the future, Melchioni ensures the best possible present, providing smart products and services.

The certification process according to ISO 9001 is one of the tools our company has chosen to qualify its business and to retain its customers, fuelling their satisfaction and pursuing the goal of sustainable growth.

In accordance with our Quality Policy, Melchioni S.p.A. promotes principles of conscious conduct in compliance with applicable laws and commitments undertaken in any marketing, sales and after sales service activities carried out by each department.

Management that meets these requirements, and the constant verification of this, ensures the long-term efficiency of our Organization.

During the marketing process of its products, Melchioni S.p.A. takes great care in protecting the health, safety and environment of both its employees and the Society in general.

Our Company is committed to constantly work in respect of the global environment and the local society, taking into account every aspect of environmental conservation and its constant improvement.

The Management has therefore explicitly promoted the principles of informed behavior in the Environmental Policy to contribute to realize a sustainable society.